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[row][span12] Forms   District Inspection report District Election report Post Inspection report Trustees Audit report Community service report Request for military records Mens Aux Election report Commanders Manual Quartermaster's Manual Legacy Life Membership Bonding Forms Service officer training application Disciplinary Action template IRS Tax Guide for Veterans Organizations Home Depot Grant (instructions on filling out the…
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[row][span12] Welcome to the Department of Arkansas VFW DISTRICT 13 COMMANDER: Don F Reynolds   email: (2017) QUARTERMASTER:Richard Maxwell email: (2017) 1316 LITTLE ROCK, 2304 Arch Street, 2nd Monday, 6:30 ($35.00) Phone 501-374-5250 *Canteen* VFW Auxiliary (C)  Arnold Williams    Email:  (2017) (Q) James F Rhodes     Email:  (2017) 2935…
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[row][span12] Welcome to the Department of Arkansas VFW DISTRICT 12 COMMANDER: James Lee                       E-mail (2017) QUARTERMASTER: Randy Gavin        E-mail (2017) 2746 STAR CITY, Veterans Park, 20578 Highway 425 South, 3rd Thursday, 6:30 ($35.00)  VFW Auxiliary Phone 870-628-4332 (C) Brain…
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