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[row][span12] Forms   District Inspection report District Election report Post Inspection report Trustees Audit report Community service report Request for military records Commanders Manual Quartermaster's Manual Legacy Life Membership Bond 2017>Bonding Forms Service officer training application Disciplinary Action template IRS Tax Guide for Veterans Organizations Home Depot Grant (instructions on filling out the grant) [/span12][/row]
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[row][span12] Welcome to the Department of Arkansas VFW DISTRICT 13 COMMANDER: Don F Reynolds   email: (2017) QUARTERMASTER:Richard Maxwell email: (2017) 1316 LITTLE ROCK, 2304 Arch Street, 2nd Monday, 6:30 ($35.00) Phone 501-374-5250 *Canteen* VFW Auxiliary (C)  Arnold Williams    Email:  (2017) (Q) James F Rhodes     Email:  (2017) 2935…
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[row][span12] Welcome to the Department of Arkansas VFW DISTRICT 12 COMMANDER: James Lee                       E-mail (2017) QUARTERMASTER: Randy Gavin        E-mail (2017) 2746 STAR CITY, Veterans Park, 20578 Highway 425 South, 3rd Thursday, 6:30 ($35.00)  VFW Auxiliary Phone 870-628-4332 (C) Brain…
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