Cmdr Notes

Fellow and Sister Comrades,
Thank you for placing your confidence and trust in me to serve as your 2017-2018 State Commander for the VFW Department of Arkansas. Your Department leaders have faith and confidence that Team Arkansas is heading into the battle of a new beginning.
Our Department has done a spectacular job in the past protecting and advocating for rights, benefits, and entitlements of our Veterans, Servicemembers, and their Families. For example, most recently the signing in to law of Act 141, which gives military retirees an exemption from state income tax on their military retirement. The VFW served as the Vanguard for the coalition in this effort from the beginning to the end. Our voice was loud and it was heard.
Protecting and advocating for these rights, benefits, and entitlements is a perpetual battle. Therefore, we must keep our ranks strong and loud in the fight. We must build our forces to ensure we remain effective by recruiting new members and recovering former members.
Membership !!!! Membership!!!! Membership!!!!
We are Warriors for Warriors and Warriors are steadfast in battle. Let us not wavier. Let’s not let our Veterans, Servicemembers , or their Families down. Looking forward to serving with each of you in what I know will be an awesome and victorious year in every aspect.

In Comradeship,

Ashley A. Little
State Cmdr, VFW
Dept of Arkansas
“Warriors for Warriors”