Welcome to the Department of Arkansas VFW


COMMANDER: James Lee,       E-mail jimlee@windstream.net

QMASTER: Victor M Brown,      E-mail boompa@gmail.com

2259 CONWAY, 1855 Old Morrilton HWY, P O Box 667, 72033, 2nd Sat, 10:00 ($36.00)
Ph 501- 329-1230
*Canteen* Honor Guard, VFW Auxiliary, Men’s Aux

(C) James Brewer     E-mail   brewerj@cyberback.com
(Q) Raymond Rogalski

2283 RUSSELLVILLE, 4162 N Arkansas Ave, PO Box 812, 72811 1st & 3rd Tuesday 7:30 ($30.00)
*Canteen*VFW Auxiliary, Motorcycle Riders Grp
E-mail amarmstrong@centurytel.net

(C) Francis P. Sears,       E-mail fps43@hotmail.com

(Q) A M Armstrong,         Email amarmstrong@centurytel.net

3141 DARDANELLE, 118 North Front St, 4th Thursday, 7:30 ($28.00) Phone 479-229-2700
Honor Guard, VFW Auxiliary

(C) Daniel Kanake

(Q) Bill Mashek,        E-mail bmashek@suddenlink.net

4453 MORRILTON, 98 City Park Drive, 3rd Saturday, 9:00am ($30.00) Phone 501-208-1746
VFW Auxiliary E-mail vfwpost4453@gmail.com

(C) Albert Wren,        E-mail flyingeagle52-03@hotmail.com

(Q) Victor M. Brown,       E-mail mbvfwpost4453@gmail.com

4513 FAIRFIELD BAY, 2531 Hwy 330 S, PO Box1067, Fairfield Bay, 2nd Tues 3:00 ($33.00)
*Canteen* Honor Guard, VFW AuxiliaryPhone 501-884-3385

(C) Roy I Madrid,     E-mail Sylvia.madrid@rocketmail.com



4764 CLINTON, 3659 Hwy 95 East, PO Box 40, Clinton, 72031, 2nd Tuesday, 7:30 ($33.00)
*Canteen*Men’s Auxiliary, Motorcycle Riders GroupPhone 501-745-3649

(C) Scott Bramlett,  E-mail sbramlett@artelco.com

(Q) Ken Lemings      E-mail kenbone@artelco.com

7163 CONWAY, College Sq Retirement Ctr, 2421 College Ave, 1st Monday, 6:00 ($29.00)
VFW AuxiliaryPhone 501-329-4211

(C) Melvin Bailey,

(Q) Michael J. Leicht,         E-mail josh.leicht@conwaycorp.net

8525 PLAINVIEW, PO Box 116, 115 W Main, 1st Tuesday, 7:00pm ($30.00) Ph 479- 272-4181

(C) Tommy T Hartley,

(Q) John W Overfelt,         E-mail plvvfw@arkwest.com

12127 Leslie, Legion Hut, 212 Oak Street 2nd Saturday, 9:00am ($30.00) Phone 870-447-2960

(C) Joe Joslin    E-mail:  joejoslin74@yahoo.com

(Q) Harlie R Treat,     E-mail hdtreat28@gmail.com

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