Welcome to the Department of Arkansas VFW


COMMANDER: Robert LaFond        E-mail robertslocks@me.com

QUARTERMASTER: Vic Kerr,       E-mail victor0351@att.net

2256 BENTON, 5323 Sleepy Village Rd, PO Box 1070, 72018, 2nd Monday, 7:00 ($35.00)
Phone 501-315-5585 Fax 501-315-5770,
Email vfw2256benton@earthlink.net

*Canteen* VFW Auxiliary

(C)David See,    email:  dsee@sbcglobal.net

(Q)Vic Kerr,       E-mail victor0351@att.net

2278 HOT SPRINGS, 2231 East Grand Ave, 3rd Saturday 10:30 am (25.00) Phone 501-623-5190
*Canteen* Honor Guard, VFW Auxiliary, Men’s Aux, Motorcycle Riders Gr.Fax 501-321-1190

(C)  Charles Cowden            Email:  clarliecowden@me.com

(Q)  William Beams Jr,       E-mail Williambeams@att.net

2586 MALVERN, Malvern National Guard Armory, 424 S Main St, 3rd Tuesday, 6:00 ($33.00)
Phone 501-337-6421

(C) Douglas Barnett         Email Is1_04@yahoo.com

(Q) David N Baum,        E-mail david.n.baum.mil@mail.mil

4451 MENA, Eddy Cross, 307 N 2nd St, 3rd Tuesday, 7:00 ($30.00) Phone 479-394-2939

(C) Linda Johnson   E-mail gijanejohnson@gmail.com  (2017)

(C) Edward Cross   (2017)

4521 De QUEEN, REA Building, Cross Trails Rd, PO Box 495, 1st Tuesday, 7:00 ($29.00)
Phone 870-584-3246

(C) Donald Hogg,       E-mail hoggdb@windstream.net (2017)

(Q) William Powers,      E-mail bpowers10@windstream.net (2017)

10483 HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, McAuley Sr Ct, 4010 Hwy 7 N. 2nd Friday, 8:30a.m.($35.00)
Post mailing PO Box 9479, Hot Springs Village 71910Website: http://spikehsv.wix.com/vfw-post-10483
Honor Guard, VFW AuxiliaryPhone 501-922-0474(C) Donald H. Stokes      Email:  dstokes255@aol.com(Q) George Hollingsworth      Email:  georgeah@gmail.com10484 WICKES, Highway 71, 3rd Tuesday, 7:00 ($33.00)(C) Phillip W. Miranda,     e-mail:  phollipmiranda@live.com

(Q) Jesse Gilley


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